OCF Online Filing System


Welcome to the OCF Online Filing System. This web-based reporting system allows candidates and committees, Senators and Representatives, and elected officials to submit online financial reports.

New Filers:

New filers must register with OCF before using the Online filing System. Fill out the Online Registration or paper-based pre-registration forms and submit them according to the included directions to the Office of Campaign Finance. The OCF will assign a user ID and password to file the forms at this website. OCF will send the login details. If necessary, please contact OCF for the login details.

Note: If you have forgotten your password, please use our Forgot Password option to retrieve the same. Alternatively, the candidate or an officer of the committee may request a new password or PIN number by contacting Wesley Williams, Public Affairs Manager, at wesleyw.williams@dc.gov or (202) 671-0547

Please contact the OCF webmaster at the Office of Campaign Finance if you are facing difficulties with logging in to the system.